October 6, 2021
Ductwork Replacement in Jamesville, NY

Ductwork systems are essential in homes to ensure much-needed comfort. They also help to improve air quality and save energy in various ways. The interconnected airways have a lifespan of 15 years at most in most cases. The lifespan of the ducts will, however, depend on different factors.

As you have noticed, the ductwork systems can be easily overlooked during maintenance. The neglect can affect the airflow and lead to loss of energy through leakages. Research shows that 25% of air leaks away on crevices in HVAC duct systems. These leakages can result from poorly fitted ducts or old HVAC systems.

As a homeowner, you must check on your duct systems. Regularly checking on your ducts can help you to spot warning signs before it’s too late. These checks will help you avoid high energy bills and help you catch indoor comfort issues early.

Most of the time, faulty ductwork is identifiable from various signs. However, some require the services of an HVAC professional for proper assessing. Some of the signs you should look out for include:


Ductwork systems can effectively work for more than 10 years with proper care. However, old duct systems are susceptible to damage at any moment. Therefore, you must check and expect leakages after using ducts for a decade.

Some ducts may appear to work normally while underlying defects go unnoticed. House ducts built in the 1970s with asbestos material also need replacing. These ducts may pose health challenges since asbestos is carcinogenic. Moreover, there are new and improved methods of duct installation. These new methods have improved efficiency and are much healthier to use.

The aging factor will lead to the deterioration of seams, seals, and duct joints. As a result, replacement is crucial at this stage to avoid negative implications.

Poor Airflow

Airflow is crucial to ensure that the ducts can carry out their intended purpose. However, some factors may affect the flow of air in the ducts. These airflow issues can result from clogging, damage, or aging of the ducts.

According to HVAC experts at Holbrook Heating & Air Conditioning, replacing the supply parts of the system is helpful. The professionals also state that ductwork systems matching sizes are also effective.

Common ways to deal with airflow issues include replacing plenums. You are also advised to change your grilles and filters. These changes should ensure that new replacements resonate in size with the HVAC system. Adding new vents to your duct system can also promote good airflow.

Poor Cooling Performance

Poor performance of the duct system leads to cold and hot spots in the house. When compared to other rooms, you may find some rooms experiencing unusual temperatures. The indoor thermometer can help show differences in room temperatures.

Noticing temperature differences should prompt the replacement of some duct parts. Hot and cold spots are highly attributed to massive leakages along with the duct systems. Clogged air filters also contribute to hot and cold spots as they limit cooling effects. Therefore, an HVAC technician should replace the filters or deal with leaks.

Noisy HVAC Operation

Annoyingly loud sounds of the HVAC system may signify a problem with the duct system. The noise may also manifest in rattling and shaking of the connections. Whistling sounds may signify leakages in the ductwork, too.

Effectively inspecting your ducts can help to determine the issue to address. Damages on the joints or leaks of any kind may lead to these strange sounds during airflow. The noises will get worse with time, and ignoring them is not an option. As a homeowner, you can opt to repair the ducts or entirely replace the system. You can also clean, seal, or insulate the systems effectively.

Improper Installation

The duct installation design may limit the ability of the HVAC system. Improper installation mainly arises from placing and connecting systems of different sizes. There are guidelines during the construction of the ducts, which ensure optimal performance.

You should inspect and ensure that HVAC technicians abide by these guidelines. Otherwise, you will have to bear the costs of energy loss or possible replacements. Constant repairs might also prove costly in the long run.

Molds and Odor

The presence of mold in the ductwork also limits airflow in the ducts. The mold develops due to different temperatures inside and outside the HVAC system. Poor insulation and connection issues may also lead to the growth of mold.

The mold may lead to odors in your rooms and spores in the house. Spores can affect your respiratory systems if not addressed on time. Allergies may also develop because of spores. Our experts also believe that mold can affect your furniture negatively.

Therefore, replacing the mold-infested duct systems can help to deal with mold. Cleaning the ducts may be an option but does not always guarantee intended results.

Dents and Tangled Ducts

Denting and tangling of duct systems also reduces efficiency in air conditioning. The dents and tangles may arise from the pressure of heavy objects on the ducts. These dents may also lead to leakages and holes in the system.

HVAC technicians from Holbrook Heating & Air Conditioning can effectively advise on the matter. Our professional technicians will assess the damage and guide you on your options. We will likely recommend replacing the duct system. Where cracks are small, repairing is the best alternative we offer.

High Energy Bills

It’s crucial to note that air escape from the ducts is inevitable. However, when excessive leakage occurs, it’s easy to tell from your energy bills. These changes in energy bills mainly account for more than 20% of leaking air.

Duct leaks affect your ability to control your room temperature, and your HVAC system will work harder to compensate for the leakages. As a result, energy loss increases, and your bills will increase.

If you have high energy bills, we will perform a proper inspection of your HVAC system. If your ducts are the issue, our technicians will determine the exact cause. Replacing the ducts is economical in the long run as it will reduce your energy bills.

How the Duct System Impacts Your House

The duct system impacts you as a homeowner in many ways. First, the ductwork determines comfort levels in your home. To help maintain high comfort levels, you should maintain good ductwork.

The duct systems help to maintain consistency in your house temperatures. The ducts can also affect the ability to cool room temperatures during summer. These features enhance the quality of life at home.

The ducts will also help to protect you from different respiratory infections. The ducts can effectively encourage airflow in the house, leading to reduced allergens. The duct system also helps to control humidity and raise house temperatures during winter.

The duct system is also affordable compared to other conventional air conditioning ways. Also, it effectively helps to reduce energy consumption and energy bills.

At Holbrook Heating & Air Conditioning, we are highly experienced in inspecting duct system failures in Syracuse. We provide our customers with quality services at affordable prices. We also offer free advice on purchasing, designing, and installation of duct systems. Reach out if you spot some of the signs mentioned above. We’re happy to provide assistance. We also provide heating, cooling, and water heater services.

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