Smart Thermostats in RochesterIf you have not kept up with the new smart technology revolution, you may have some questions about a smart thermostat and how it can benefit your Rochester, NY home. Smart thermostats are simply wifi based devices that allow you to control your HVAC system without physically being in the room with your thermostat. This creates a lot of potential benefits to homeowners who like the idea of controlling their comfort with the touch of a button on their smartphone. At Holbrook Heating & Air Conditioning, we regularly install wifi thermostats in homes across Rochester and would love the chance to help you update your thermostat as well.

    How Can a Wifi Thermostat Benefit Your Home?

    Wifi thermostats have the potential to change your home experience for the better in multiple ways. For instance, imagine waking up on a cold morning and heating your home before even stepping out of bed. Or perhaps lowering the temperature in your home 15 degrees while you aren’t home, and then turning it back up when you jump in your car at the end of the day so it is toasty by the time you get there. With a smart thermostat, all of this is possible and more. Controlling your home thermostat remotely can help you reduce your energy consumption and improve your home comfort making a wifi thermostat an extremely smart device.

    Four benefits of a smart thermostat:
    • Reduce energy costs
    • Keep better track of energy usage
    • Remotely control energy use
    • Simple installation process
      Benefits of Smart Thermostats

    Our technicians are fully trained and knowledgeable about these devices. They can help you determine if a wifi-enabled, or smart thermostat will work with your system, and which device would best suit your needs.

    Professional Smart Thermostat Installation in Rochester

    In 1983 a young company started Holbrook Heating & Air Conditioning with the intent of providing excellent HVAC services in upstate New York. Today the company has grown to include over 200 employees in Rochester and to accommodate the growing technological needs of the HVAC industry, which includes smart thermostats. We recognize the benefits of wifi thermostats and offer several models at different price points so that we can meet the needs of all of our clients in Rochester. From the Lennox iComfort S30 to the Comfortsense 5500 Series we have a smart thermostat that will change the way your HVAC system consumes energy for the better.

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    Are you ready to change the way you consume energy while heating or cooling your Rochester home? Call Holbrook Heating & Air Conditioning today to talk about your options.